Vacation Countdown!!

14 Days!

Two weeks until Bobby and I leave for our trip to Seattle and I can’t contain my excitement!  This will be our second trip traveling together (first on a plane) and I am so ready to show Bobby how beautiful the Pacific Northwest is.  My aunt has lived out on the west coast multiple times and I have been traveling to see her since I was a little girl.

Seattle by far is one of my favorite cities to go too, and there are so many things to do in that great city that although I have been a handful of times, I still haven’t seen all there is to see.  Seattle is a destination for anyone families, couples, and groups of friends. There are so many different activities and spots in Seattle and even a short drive out of the city to see, and I have listed 5 of my favorites.

The Space Needle

This iconic structure that is ultimately the symbol of Seattle was built in 1962. Every time I travel to Washington I take time to go to the top and see the beauty that Seattle has to offer from the observation deck.  This trip it is on my list to have a meal SkyCity Restaurant – while you are dining the restaurant spins, allowing you to see a panorama of the city throughout your meal.

Top Pot Donuts

I know that most people when traveling to Seattle think Starbucks, but not me. Starbucks is available to me at home, when traveling I am seeking new adventures. Top Pot Donuts has the most amazing donuts that you will ever have.  My recommendation when you visit this place – Raspberry Bismark Donut! and what ever floats your boat for coffee.

Pikes Place Market


Pikes Place is the biggest public market that I have been to.  There are so many creative vendors in the market that you need to give at least a half a day dedicated to walking around because of how big it is, that and the crowds. My favorite spot to be is up on the top floor where you can find so many beautiful flowers, I am always so disappointed because I can’t bring them home with me. Also, another place in here that will rock your socks off is City Fish located on the top floor as well. The employees there have some great fish throwing skills!

Seattle Great Wheel


This is a fairly new attraction that opened in 2012. You can find this giant Ferris wheel on Pier 57 near waterfront park and the Seattle Aquarium. Now I am not a fan of heights but you have to see the view from the top of this ride, because its worth it (see picture above).

Taste of Tacoma (not an attraction but an event)


I LOVE FOOD.  And when i’m visiting my family in Seattle, I try my hardest to plan it around the Taste of Tacoma. Tacoma is just south of Seattle about 40 minutes. But its free admission and you just have to pay for the food you want to try (one of the many things I tried was a fried PB&J), also one of my favorite artist usually has prints for sale there. (Tim Winstrom – his work is seriously so amazing)




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