28th Birthday Wish List

Happy Wednesday friends! The first two weeks of May have been so nice outside, although I’m pretty sure mother nature missed the memo that in between winter and summer is a season called spring. It hit 90 here yesterday and Bobby was so uncomfortable that he put the AC in our bedroom at like 11pm last night! It’s officially my birthday month too which is exciting! What better way to start celebrating this month than by sharing what I would love to get for my birthday!


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May Goals 2018



Happy Birthday month to me! This month is going to be so busy, starting this weekend we are busy every weekend doing something. So I’m keeping this list super simple.

  • have our annual Memorial Day Cookout.
  • choose groomsmen suits for wedding.
  • read 3 books.
  • finish planning and enjoy one of my besties bridal shower!
  • movie date with bobby.
  • plant vegetable & herb gardens

What fun things do you have planned for this month? 

Friday Favorites 4.27.18

Happy Friday. The weather in New England is amazing and its supposed to be just as nice tomorrow! We will be getting some great yard work done this weekend and finally putting our yard furniture out. YAY!

  1. I clearly can’t make list this without mentioning the Magnolia Table Cookbook. I have made our dinner list for the week and were trying the enchiladas first!
  2. One of my favorite vloggers had her baby last week and she FINALLY announced his name! If you’re into vlogs deff check out Mallory Ervin and her cute little fam!
  3. I started looking for a new protein shake to help shed a few more pounds. I have been doing great with weight watchers too so I think doing the both of them will really help me. I picked the Women’s Best Cookies and Cream flavor.

I’ll be back to the grind with my little piece of the internet next month, but until then have a great weekend! 


What’s Up Wednesday (on a Thursday) April 2018

Long time no see! Clearly i’m a day late to the link up but its one of my favorites so I still decided to do it! These past few weeks have been rough. We lost my great uncle and bobby had a little procedure done so we can hopefully see whats up with his stomach issues.

Thankfully the crazy has died down and I have time to sit down and do one of my favorite monthly blog post link ups.



this week on our menu was/is pork chops, soup & grilled cheese, and stir fry.


nothing really!


that we have so much fun stuff going on. i love staying busy and we have officially hit the time of year when we are busy all the weekends.


april was a fun month. We celebrated Easter, being engaged for a year, and had a great date night seeing Dane Cook.


not too much. starting to stress about minor wedding details but we are checking things off one thing at a time.


my friend Holly’s bridal shower which is in less than a month! all of the wedding details. looking for vow books, signage, dresses for the bridal shower and the rehearsal invitations and so much more.



I just started The Child by Fiona Barton. I also binge watched Unsolved: The Murders of Tupac and The Notorious B.I.G. which is really good.



the This is Avicii playlist on spotify.


sandals! broke those babies out this past weekend finally.


celebrating a friends birthday saturday night, potentially going to some fun activities at JWU alumni weekend and we are hopefully going to pick our the groomsmen attire for the wedding.


mothers day, my cousins wedding, one of my best friends bridal shower, celebrating another friends birthday, my birthday, and memorial day.



Wedding Update III

Hi friends! back again on this fine Wednesday for my third wedding update. As of now we have everything in place but all of the little details, so I think this will be my last update like this one.



  • We had our food tasting! We took our parents and we got to sample a little of everything the venue had to offer. The food was so good and to make getting everyones opinions easy I put together a excel sheet with all the options so we could check off our favorites (I stole this idea from my Maid of Honor Holly). We will also be coming up with a signature drink to be served during the cocktail hour.
  • I have set my hair & makeup trial! I booked it for columbus day weekend while Bobby is salmon fishing. I have somewhat of an idea of what I want, but I’m excited to play around and try a few things with my favorite hair girl Sam.
  • We finally decided on the look for our wedding cake. Well I did, Bobby ended up getting stuck working on the day of our cake tasting so I went with Holly. We both are pretty simple people, and we both really liked the naked cake look so I was excited to meet with our baker and show her what I was thinking. I’m super excited for everyone to try what Holly & I picked.
  • I have decided on the song I will walk down the aisle too and we decided on our first dance song….I think! This is something we both have thought really hard about, we don’t have a ‘special song’ so thinking about a song that we would want for such a meaningful dance is hard freakin work. We didn’t want something really slow or something that has been super popular.
  • Booked our florist and we LOVE her.


  • Invitations: I’m struggling with this one. I feel like I have this idea in my head but unless I want to spend an arm & a leg I won’t find it. I want something that is rustic, yet elegant, and not too flashy but I also love the letterpress look. As of right now I am leaning towards etsy because we can purchase an editable PDF and have them printed anywhere. What did you guys do for your invitations? Any tips or advice?
  • Welcome bags & favors: At this point we are still deciding if we need to do this. I’d love you opinions on if your guests liked/appreciated having them!?
  • Gifts for our wedding party: We both have gifts for each side pretty much picked out, its just getting to the point where we bite the bullet and start to buy them.
  • Gifts for our parents: I have a few ideas but would love to hear suggestions on what you all gave your parents/parents-in-law on your wedding day. I want it to be something special and meaningful after all the hard work and money they both are putting into this wedding.
  • Signage: I have no idea what I want to do for this. I am looking everywhere for ideas. Pretty sure it will be wooden calligraphy type things.
  • Card & Ring Box: I found one of each that I really like. At the moment the etsy shop is on a break getting out older orders so I have my eye on them so I can purchase them both once they are open again. This was harder than I thought because I want to be able to display them in the house once the wedding is over.
  • Favors: We have decided on what we are doing. Now I am just stocking up on the stuff I need to assemble them we probably won’t actually get them done until sometime in September.
  • Compiling a list of photos: We are doing a remembrance table, a chair in honor of my sister in the front row, as well as displaying photos of our parents & grandparents from their wedding. I have been asking the family for some photos that I can use. Our photographer has also asked for our ‘want’ photos for the day of the wedding. We both agreed that a pinterest board was the best way for us to get those ideas to him so I have been pinning away.

This is probably the  longest list that I have shared, and theses aren’t the only things were working on. Thanks for following me along this engagement, it has been so much fun & please let me know if you have any advice in the comments! 


April Goals 2018

Well guys, I literally accomplished NONE of the goals on my March list. This month I am hoping to get some done as well as some of the old ones from March. Here’s what I have set for the month of April.


April Goals

  • read at least three books
  • movie date with bobby
  • book honeymoon
  • try two new recipes
  • restart BBG
  • put out our outside decor
  • schedule out all May posts

What are your goals for this month?


We had such a nice weekend spending Easter with our family & friends. We started off our Easter with breakfast at my Grandma’s, dinner at the in-laws and ended our day with dessert at our family friends. It was a long day!


Today I’m linking up with The Blended Blog ladies for their monthly Q&A link up!

  1. What 3 colors remind you most of Spring?  yellow, pink, light blue 
  2. What is the first thing you’d add to your wardrobe in Spring?  I am always looking for floral dresses, and I really love the dresses from Pink Blush lately. I also really want to add a pair of white jeans, I am always so afraid to buy a pair because I feel like i’ll ruin them! 
  3. What is the first wardrobe item you ditch in Spring? shoes. come the nice weather all you will see me in are sandals
  4. Who mows the grass where you live?   Bobby. He’s so anal about the yard that no matter how many times I offer to help he says no. Or he lets me help the re-does whatever I just did. 
  5. What’s Spring like where you live?  Beautiful most of the time. Usually 60s & 70s and sunny. Its my favorite time of year to sit on the porch to read and eat dinner! 
  6. What’s Your favorite thing about Spring?   That is stays light out later. 
  7. Are you a Spring Cleaner?   Yep!  Bobby & I usually tackle a room a weekend! 
  8. Are you a Baseball Fan?   Yes. Let’s go Red Sox. 
  9. Tulips or Daffodils?   Tulips. We has a beautiful Tulip farm here and go every year to pick our own. 
  10. Favorite Outdoor Spring Activity?   Im not picky. After being cooped up all winter I just love to get outside. It can be a walk or hike with Lola girl, watching Bobby play softball, or really anything! 
  11. Flowers in the Ground or in Pots?   Both!  We decorate the front with pots and in the flower beds. Our backyard hasnt gotten any love yet though. 
  12. Favorite Bird?  don’t have one. 
  13. Car Wash or Wash Vehicles at Home?   Both! 
  14. When Do You pull out Your sandals?   As soon as I can. Once the weather is a steady 60ish degrees you’ll see me in them everyday!

I couldn’t end todays post without sharing Lola girls Easter basket she had so much fun opening the eggs to find her treats!

Hope you all had a great holiday and have an even better week!